Welcome to Saltwater Mecca!

My name is Adam, and I started this website because I want to share my passion and love for the oceans, rivers, and coastal landscapes around the world.

About Saltwater Mecca - Jack Crevalle

Growing up in Florida, I’ve been surrounded by saltwater my entire life and caught my first fish at age 3.

Fast forward a few decades later, and I’ve been lucky enough to travel the world, from the Bahamas to Alaska, and many places in between.

What Can You Find Here?

When I created Saltwater Mecca, I wanted to create a resource that would help, inform, educate and encourage responsible recreation on treasured waterways around the world.

That means I post Fishing tips, how-to’s, guides, and gear reviews.

I talk about Boating and Paddling resources and share my opinion on makes, models, and types.

I may share information on exotic Locations (after all, who doesn’t dream of white sandy beaches and crystal clear water?)

Not to mention some of my favorite hobbies like snorkeling, scalloping, spearfishing, beachcombing, and much more!

Why Saltwater Mecca?

In the United States alone, more than 127 million people (or 40% of the population) live in coastal counties.

Source: What percentage of the American population lives near the coast?

About Saltwater Mecca - Fighting a Big FIsh Boatside

These coastal communities have rich traditions of utilizing the oceans and rivers for work, industry, and recreation.

Whether you’re a regular ‘salty dog‘, or on vacation in a new area, we each have a duty to recreate responsibly.

Saltwater Mecca is filled with personal stories, thoroughly researched information, and helpful resources so you can have fun, be successful and make memories.

Did I mention I love fishing?

I encourage you to use the search feature, browse around, and have some fun!