Are Spot Fish Good To Eat? You May Be Surprised!

Spot fish, often encountered by east coast anglers, spark a culinary curiosity: How do they fare on the dinner plate?

Are spot fish good to eat?

The answer may really surprise you!

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Are Spot Fish Edible?

Not only are spot fish edible but they are highly revered by the people who choose to eat them. These small fish are similar in taste and texture to whiting or croaker, with an oily, yet mild flavor.

Spot Fish Taste and Texture

The texture of spot fish is quite soft, somewhere between a pinfish and a whiting. Due to the soft fillet, and high oil content spots are best when eaten fresh (not frozen).

Despite this high oil content, the fish taste is quite mild. The fillets absorb seasoning well and have a delicate salty/seafood base flavor.

If you enjoy the taste and texture of whiting, mullet, croakers, red or black drum, then I’d be willing to bet you’ll love the taste of Spot!

Are Spot Fish Good To Eat

Preparation Methods

Spot are a pretty small fish, averaging 7-10 inches in length. Most anglers simply gut and scale the fish, and cook them whole.

If you do decide to keep some spot fish for dinner, it’s important to get the fillets on ice and out of the sun immediately.

The meat does not freeze well, and cooks much better when the skin is left on (scaled).

Here are some of the preferred cooking techniques for Spot fish:

  • Deep Frying: A unanimous favorite. Dip the fish in a simple batter or coat them with breadcrumbs, then fry until they achieve a golden hue. The result is a crispy exterior enveloping a soft and tender interior.
  • Grilling: For those inclined towards a healthier alternative, grilling Spot fish is an excellent choice. Season them with herbs and spices of your choice, and grill for a delectably smoky finish.
  • Baking: Baking Spot fish is ideal for preserving its natural flavors. Season the fish, place them in a baking dish, and bake until the flesh turns opaque and easily flakes.
  • Broiling: Especially suitable for larger Spot fish fillets, broiling gives them a lovely charred finish and mixes well with vegetables.

Tips For Eating Spot Fish

  • Freshness is Key: As is the case with most seafood, the fresher the Spot fish, the more flavorful and tender the meat. Ensure that your catch is stored in a cooler filled with ice until you’re ready to cook.
  • Clean with Care: Proper cleaning can make a significant difference. Remove scales, innards, and any bones meticulously to enjoy a smooth eating experience.
  • Seasoning: Given the Spot fish’s mild palette, a light seasoning often works best. Salt, pepper, and a splash of lemon can sometimes be all you need.

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Final Thoughts

So if you are wondering whether or not a spot is a good fish to eat, the answer is yes!

These fish are often overlooked or thrown back to their small size, but when eaten fresh they are very good to eat, just ask any local off the coast of the Carolinas or Virginia!

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