The 12 Best Bluefish Lures (& How To Fish Them!)

Fishing for Bluefish is fast paced and exciting, and in this list i’m going to share with you the 12 best bluefish lures, along with some tips on how to fish them…Let’s dive in!

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Acme Kastmaster Spoon

Spoons are incredible bluefish lures. They are simple and effective. The truth is, bluefish are so aggressive that you don’t need any fancy lures to catch them.

A flashy metal lure is enough to get their attention and they will absolutely chomp it! Thanks to the flash and vibration, fish can see and feel it good, even in the middle of a feeding frenzy.

Just fish this lure with a fast jigging motion. You can also let it hit the bottom, pop it up, and then let it fall again.

The great thing about the Kastmaster spoon is that they are cheap and durable. There are several other spoons models that will work just as well as this one. Bluefish aren’t picky! 

Cotton Cordell Pencil Popper

The Cotton Cordell Pencil Popper is a long-casting topwater lure that is perfect for when bluefish are feeding on the surface.

This lure creates a loud rattling sound and the popper-shaped head creates a splashing sound.

The sound and splashing made by this lure will draw attention from big bluefish. That’s why this lure has been a favorite for many bluefish anglers. 

Working this lure is relatively easy because it can be worked at several retrieve speeds and cadences. It can be made to walk the dog with a twitch twitch action, or it can be popped or chugged like a popper. 

Diamond Jig

The ideal bluefish lure should be long casting and durable. The diamond jig beats every other lure in these two categories.

It is hard to imagine a lure getting even simpler than a spoon, but this lure is it. A diamond jig is just a slender piece of flashy metal with a hook.

It casts farther than anything else and will catch more bluefish than most other lures on this list.

Work the diamond jig just like you would a spoon. Cast as far as you can and just jig it by bouncing your rod tip and retrieving the slack. 

Rapala Saltwater X Rap Long Cast

The Rapala Saltwater X Rap Long Cast is a long-casting jerk bait that is perfect for bluefish and many other saltwater predators.

The combination of erratic action, flashy colors, and rattles make it a strong candidate for one of the best bluefish lures out there.

Also, this lure comes stock with strong saltwater single hooks which makes catch and release a breeze.

Fish the Rapala X Rap with a twitch twitch pause retrieve. This erratic cadence is sure to trigger many strikes from bluefish. 

Got-Cha Plug

The Got-Cha plug is an old classic lure that has stood the test of time. It has a durable wire design and a hard metal body. It is built to hold up to the toothiest fish like bluefish and mackerel.

This is another long-casting, noisy, durable lure that works great for bluefish. Several sizes and models are available.

Some models come with trebles and others have a feathered single hook on the back.

Work the Got-Cha plug with a quick jigging action to imitate a swimming baitfish. The flash and rattles will attract aggressive bluefish.

The Got-Cha plug is great because it is so affordable, durable, and effective. However, the downside is that you cannot easily replace the stock hooks on this lure. 

Bomber Wind Cheater

The Bomber Wind Cheater is another great option for bluefish. It is a lipped hard lure that can be cast an incredibly long distance.

This is a diving minnow lure that should be fished on a steady or stop-and-go retrieve, like a crankbait.

Savage Gear 3D Mackerel Stick Bait

The Savage Gear Mackerel Stick Bait is a new lure with a modern design.

Unlike most other sub-surface hard plastic lures, this lure does not have a lip, and this creates a unique incredible sub-surface walk-the-dog action.

Work this lure with a twitch twitch pause action causing the lure to walk side to side like an injured baitfish. 

Heddon Super Spook

The Heddon Super Spook is an incredible topwater lure that works on all kinds of predatory fish around the world, from freshwater to saltwater.

This lure floats on the surface and walks side to side and makes a loud rattling sound when it moves.

Work this lure with a twitch twitch pause action causing the lure to walk side to side like an injured baitfish.

Several models and sizes are available in the Heddon Spook lineup.

The one knocker spook, for example, has an incredibly loud knocker rattle and may stand out over other lures during a feeding frenzy.

Savage Gear Surf Walker

The Savage Gear Surf Walker is quite a unique topwater lure.

Its long thin design gives it a unique profile in the water, similar to a needlefish or sand eel; both are common forage of bluefish and striped bass.

Work this lure with twitch twitch pause retrieve to make it walk the dog or a steady retrieve, to make it glide slowly along the surface of the water.

Yo-Zuri Floating Mag Darter

The Yo-Zuri Floating Mag Darter is a subsurface minnow lure that dives on the retrieve and floats on the pause.

It has a cupped head design that catches water and produces an erratic darting action.

Fish this lure with a steady retrieve, to produce a tight wobble swimming action, or a twitch twitch pause, to produce a more erratic darting action.

Tsunami Talkin’ Popper XD

A popper is an incredible lure for big bluefish because they create such a great disturbance in the water.

They will attract bluefish from a great distance and in a noisy feeding frenzy. 

The great thing about the Tsunami Talkin’ Popper is that it has an internal weight transfer system allowing for longer casts. This is quite uncommon in popper-style lures.

The XD version also comes with a single hook on the rear and a treble hook up front!

I like this configuration for bluefish because it makes it easier to safely unhook and release them. 

Flair Hawk / Buck Tail Jigs

Of course, the flair hawk must be on this list!

Several companies and brands make good flair hawk and bucktail jigs, and they all work great for bluefish.

These jigs excel when you need to reach the bottom in deeper water or a strong current. They sink fast and you can easily feel the jig bounce along the bottom.

Fish a jig by bouncing it along the bottom. Let it sink to the bottom, and then bounce it with your rod tip.

Honorable Mention: Z Man SwimmerZ

Most bluefish anglers prefer to use hard lures because bluefish teeth can cut right through soft plastic, however, the Z Man Elaztech baits are super durable and will hold up to a few bluefish.

Rig the paddle tail on a jighead. Choose your jig head weight based on the depth and current. Up to 2 ounces can be used if you need to fish deeper.

Fish this paddle tail swimbait like you would a jig, bounce along the bottom, or just give a straight retrieve through the middle of the water column.

Final Thoughts

So, what do the best bluefish lures all have in common?

Well, they all resemble baitfish, and most of them have some loud or flashy action to entice a bite.

The 12 Best Bluefish Lures (& How To Fish Them!)

Bluefish are voracious predators and a ton of fun to catch from shore. Find out when the bluefish run is happening in your area and get out there and catch some blues!

And, don’t forget to use a steel leader, good luck!

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