The 7 Best Places To Catch Redfish In Lousianna (Ranked!)

Redfish are one of the most sought-after game fish in the Southeastern US, able to grow to monstrous sizes and fight like a freight train.

Louisiana’s marshy shores are no exception to the trend, and saltwater anglers from all over come to the Pelican State to rummage for some huge reds!

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Best Places To Catch Redfish In Lousianna

But all waters aren’t created equal… you can catch redfish almost anywhere along the LA coast, but where can you catch the most redfish? Or the biggest redfish?

Buckle up and pack your rod, because we’re diving into seven of the best spots in Louisiana to fish for redfish.

The 7 Best Places To Catch Redfish In Lousianna

Biloxi Marsh

Just a little ways south of the city of jazz, New Orleans, lies the tiny fishing town of Hopedale, and just northeast of Hopedale lies Biloxi Marsh.

This area is a maze of interconnected pools and channels lined with thick grass, and provides perfect habitat for redfish!

One major draw is the large supply of bait in the area- crabs, shrimp, mullet and other small fish all thrive in this brackish environment.

Live bait such as shrimp will be your best friend here, as reds north of fifty pounds have been reported!

It’s out of the way and a boat is needed to fish it to its fullest extent, but charters are available that will take you out.

The fall and winter months are the best, as with many marshes in the state redfish will come to the surface to sun themselves and can be sight fished like nobody’s business.

Borgne Lake

While you’re in the Hopedale area, why not check out Borgne Lake as well? Just south of its big brother Lake Pontchartrain, the aforementioned Biloxi Marsh drains straight into this brackish lagoon, which is open to the Mississippi sound.

The shoreline is the place to fish during cooler parts of the year, but the fish move deeper during the summer. Borgne is home to several oil rigs in deeper water where fish congregate when the weather gets hot.

Live shrimp will work wonders year-round, and artificial baits are also a good option during the fall and winter.

Redfish respond well to many different fishing tactics, and what they’re in the mood for may change day-to-day, so having a variety of things to try is a good idea!

Holly Beach

While much of Louisiana’s coastline is marshy and grassy, holly beach is proof that you can find some classic sandy beach surf fishing as well!

The water and sand can both be a tad dirty depending on the time of year, but if you don’t care about ambiance, you’ll see that the fish don’t either.

The only caveat is that there aren’t many stores or places to stay in the immediate vicinity, so you’ll need to make sure you’ve packed everything you need for the day beforehand.

Since it’s a beach, you won’t need access to a boat like you would for many of the marshier spots on this list.

Redfish abound when casting into the surf just past the breakers, where they often school alongside jack crevalle and spotted sea trout.

The western portion of the beach has some rocks that are also known to hold reds. You may even catch an occasional blacktip shark off of these sandy shores!

Calcasieu Shipping Channel

Many will tell you about the great fishing to be had in nearby Calcasieu Lake and Lake Charles, and it is great, but the nearby shipping channel is home to some mighty redfish that fewer people know about.

Lower pressure means a better time for hopeful anglers!

Redfish feeding along sandy bottom

Not too far from Holly Beach, this channel is connected to Lake Charles directly, and big reds can swim freely between the two.

The fish tend to hang out between 30 and 40 feet deep during the winter months, and will hit on live or artificial baits at that depth.

Fourleague Bay

One of the most challenging and remote places to reach on Louisiana’s coast, Fourleague Bay provides a strange and unique combination of freshwater and saltwater fishing.

Ever wanted to catch largemouth bass and redfish on the same trip? This is your spot!

Outflow from the Atchafalaya River is responsible for these conditions, and the mixing of the waters provides habitat for many different food species, all of which the reds (which can tolerate lower salinities than other marine fish) gobble up without hesitation.

If you can find the time (and a captain) to get yourself out here, it’s well worth the trip!

Mississippi Delta

Venice, Louisiana- while not as ancient as its Italian namesake, this town sitting right where the Mighty Mississippi meets the Gulf of Mexico has something the original Venice doesn’t- redfish, and lots of them!

In fact, some even call it the redfish capital of the world.

The Mississippi delta area is extremely rich in nutrients due to water outflow, and this means lots of fish of all kinds. Redfish are naturally drawn to all of the food that’s available! Their habits change month to month, but they can be found year-round.

If you’re fortunate enough to have a boat (or a good charter), hotspots near here include Yellow Cotton Bay, Hospital Bay and Locust Pond.

But there are plenty of other holes to try- everything is connected out in the Bayou! Explore and see what you can find.

Grand Isle

One of the southernmost points in the entire state, Grand Isle is famous for its calming beach atmosphere as well as its fishing!

Over 250 fish species live within the general vicinity, and huge bull redfish are one of them.

The best redfish fishing here is once again by boat around the back side of the island, inland towards the marshes. But fishing from the beach on the ocean side can net you some gnarly reds as well!

Many of the local restaurants in the area will even cook your redfish catch for a delicious meal, so be sure to pack a cooler full of ice and ask them to cook it cajun style!


This list is far from extensive, and big bull redfish can be found just about anywhere where saltwater can, but these locales are an amazing place to start your hunt.

Be sure to ask around; locals often have very specific spots and techniques to use depending on the time of year and location!

If you’re looking for some general information and techniques on redfish fishing, check out our article comparing black and red drum which goes over tips and tricks that will serve you well in these spots as well as wherever else the reds live!

The only thing left for you to do is to get out there and fish… you won’t catch any redfish staring at this screen, now will you?

Good luck and tight lines!

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